пʼятниця, 24 січня 2020 р.


A very interesting topic about #art🎨 was at @woafl_kherson during the @khersonspeakingclub. We started with an “A to Z” activity in order to remember some words connected with art 🖼. 

Then we watched a video “Art History in 3 minutes” and went through discussion questions which @antonivkawithnina prepared in advance and could to add some our own questions . After that we tried ourselves in drawing and did fun activities. We “reproduced” some artworks by drawing everything that our partner told us to. It was funny 😄 when we compared two pictures. 

And another game was “Telephone Pictionary” where instead of whispering sentences to people our visitors drew them. During today’s meeting we felt that time flies really quickly because we hadn’t done some more activities but anyway we had lots of fun with our friend, #peacecorpsvolunteer Nina Jackson.

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