пʼятниця, 25 вересня 2020 р.

Friends and Friendship

Last meeting (September, 24th) of English Speaking Club that is at Window on America Center for Future Leaders was dedicated to Friends and Friendship 👭👬. There is no person in the world 🌍 who has no friends at all so the club’s members talked a lot about their friends and qualities they have. We also were able to remember some idioms and practice using them in sentences. During the whole English practice we discussed some questions and improved our English with native speakers. Thanks to the American friends for joining us through the skype.

неділя, 6 вересня 2020 р.

Getting Acquainted

Today, September 6 Window on America Center for Future Leaders Kherson resumed meetings of English Club for kids at the Kherson Oblast Library for Children. And the first offline session we dedicated to acquaintance with each other. With younger kids we asked and answered simple questions and then we played the "Logical Chains" and "Pictionary" games in order to remember some words. 

With the older participants we talked about different summer activities that we did and after that we played "About Myself" board game from "Activate:Games for Learning American English". Overall we improved our English and had fun 😃.