понеділок, 30 вересня 2019 р.

How to lead your own club?

Is it difficult to lead an English club? What are the main features of it? How to make it interesting and useful?Yesterday at Window on America for Future Leaders Kherson we all gathered on the meeting of Kherson English Speaking Club  Club and with our friends,  #peace_corps volunteers, Nina Jackson, Whitney Cravens and we met one more american guest from New Jersey, Niki Maffittone. 

Girls shared some tips about having different clubs, taught us how to use Google Slides and gave us an opportunity to lead some sessions of Speaking club beginning next week. We worked in groups a lot and created our own presentations. Thanks a lot for so interesting topic...

пʼятниця, 20 вересня 2019 р.

Talking about Autumn

Are you a Fall person? Does your mood depend on the weather? Yesterday these and other questions were discussed during the meeting of the Kherson English Speaking Club. More than 15 adults came to  Window on America for Future Leaders Kherson to improve their english with PC volunteers, Nina Jackson and Whitney Cravens. 

We started with congratulation Nina with her Birthday and sang a song. Nina and Whitney did a great presentation about "Autumn", we watched funny videos, discussed lots of questions (in groups) and even learnt some autumn #tounge_twisters. So it's a great way to learn English.

What is the difference between an American school and a Ukrainian one?

Yesterday Window on America for Future Leaders Kherson had a meeting of #coolspeaking club where we talked about School. We started with an Ice-breaker "Associations" and discussed which is better to study at school or at home (there was one girl among the visitors who studies at home).

 American volunteers, Troy Burton and Ethan Robison helped us with these activities a lot. And then we compared american🇺🇸 and ukrainian 🇺 schools, subjects and education in general. Students found out lots of informationand asked our guests many questions.

понеділок, 16 вересня 2019 р.

Welcome to English Club!

The English Club began its work yesterday at Window on America for Future Leaders Kherson where there were two meetings for children and teens. With first group we met each other and learnt colors, read books about them and color the butterfly. We were glad to meet and new visitors (teens) who came to library.ks.ua in order to improve their English.

 Anna Reznik prepared some good activities to talk about ourselves: "Ice-breaker (two truths and a lie)", "Activate: All about me". Hope that English club's meetings will have more participants and help everybody to communicate in English!

неділя, 15 вересня 2019 р.

Interesting stories in English


Are you good at making up stories? The visitors of Kherson English Speaking Club did a great job on Thursday, September 12, where they all gathered at Window on America for Future Leaders Kherson. PC volunteer, Nina Jackson prepared good activities that help to improve English: "Ice-breakers", "Make up stories using flashcards: jobs, appearance, hobbies and leisure", "Talking cards".

We are happy to see different people and it is always great to meet the new ones. So please come next Thursday at 4 pm and learn English with pleasure ))) See you at the Kherson Oblast Library for children

четвер, 12 вересня 2019 р.

Summer holidays are over but meetings at woafl_kherson are continuing

Summer holidays are over but meetings at woafl_khersonare continuing. Yesterday we met active members of coolspeaking club and american volunteers, Troy Burton and Ethan Robison. 

 We talked about our summer and an "Ice-breaker" game helped us to have fun when everybody should have told 3 summer activities that we did (which 2 were truths and 1 was a lie). 

Then we played "Hangman" in order to practice english spelling. Thanks to americans we can improve our English. Next Wednesday we'll see each other at 4 pm

неділя, 8 вересня 2019 р.

Nice beginning of new school year

Nice beginning of new school year was at the @library_kherson_ua where we met 1st grade pupils of the First Children's Academy. They came to get acquainted with @woafl_kherson and native americans, Ryan Santero, Troy Burton and Ethan Robison. We talked about the United States, hobbies and leisure, learnt some vocabulary and played games: "Whisper", "Name Chase" and " Find someone who...".

 It was great to see a big interest of kids about learning and improving English so we will definitely meet again.

New season of Kherson English Speaking Club

New season of Kherson English Speaking Club started yesterday at Window on America for Future Leaders Kherson where we met and new faces. At the beginning PC volunteer, Nina Jackson prepared ice-breaker "Two truths and a lie" for our visitors. 

Then to get acquainted each other more was a perfect game "Rotating line" and as a result all members of this meeting had a chance to talk with each other just having some minutes. Then we worked in groups and played "Lexico". The activity "Never have I ever" was fun and great and it made our visitors to be very attentive and active.

вівторок, 3 вересня 2019 р.


Is it important to be orginised? This topic was discussed at Window on America for Future Leaders Kherson during the #coolspeaking club. Firstly, we talked about the Daily routine and main tasks that we do during the day and then we made the list on the board. We asked and answered questions about school, daily activities and plans. Native speakers, volunteers, Ryan Santero and Troy Burton shared some tips about #time managment and how to be more orginised during the school year.

Children were divided into three groups and planned their week with activities that should be done. 
It was the last meeting of this summer but we'll countinue to gather through the year. Thanks to our american guests we can learn English with pleasure.

Playing Board Games

It was great to see so many visitors at Window on America for Future Leaders Kherson yesterday. We had a meeting with PC volunteers, Whitney Cravens and Nina Jackson. More than 15 members of KhersonEnglishSpeakingClub came to play board games and communicate with each other in English.

And yesterday we were glad to meet two other americans, Nina's mother and sister so many questions were asked to them about Ukraine, USA and others.