пʼятниця, 29 січня 2021 р.

Every Day English

An online meeting of English Speaking Club was yesterday and we practiced our English with each other. We played a game “Name 5” and revised our vocabulary in different topics such as "Jobs", "Movies and TV Shows", "Sports" and "Containers". We discussed questions and shared our favorite items. It was amazing 🤩 to meet active members from different places and can’t wait to see all of them next time. Join us every Monday and Thursday and learn English with pleasure.

середа, 27 січня 2021 р.

Time will Tell

Yesterday there was an online meeting of English Speaking club which was dedicated to our childhood memories. We answered some questions in order to find out more about each other and shared the most vivid moments of that time. We also looked at some "Time expressions"  such as “Time’s up”, “Time after time”, “Take your time”, “At one time”, “At the best of times”, “In no time”. The most confusing for them were “In time” and “On time” #expressions . But after practicing and using them in different sentences it all went perfect 🤗

пʼятниця, 22 січня 2021 р.

Let's chat

English Speaking Club is continuing its online meetings for active members every Monday and Thursday. And yesterday we all gathered via Zoom and practiced our English. There is a tradition to start an English practice with "Icebreaker" questions which help people to get to know each other better. Then we had time to review some grammar rules and the difference of using “used to”, “be used to” and “get used to”. To consolidate the material we played a board game called “Tell me about ...”.

середа, 20 січня 2021 р.

"First Trip to the Sea"

We had a very exciting zoom meeting yesterday where we met a wonderful person Irina Skibenko. IRINA is an English teacher, a traveler and a writer, so she was ecstatic to present her first book “Nina and Eve. First Trip to the Sea” to a group of teenage girls in Kherson. We did different prereading activities in order to find out more about the main characters, went on a virtual tour to Turkey as the main characters did using the Google map. 

And because one of the book's characters is a dog, we learned more about dachshunds while watching a video. The girls really enjoyed participating in this event and they are looking forward to the next meeting with this amazing author. A huge thanks to Irina Skibenko for her books, which you can read at the our library.

Knowing Martin Luther King Jr.

On January, 18th the USA celebrated the Martin Luther King day or the MLK Day - a federal holiday in the United States. The MLK Day of Service is observed as a “day on, not a day off”. And the topic we chose to discuss yesterday was dedicated to this significant person. We tried to find answers to such questions as:

Why is it important to celebrate MLK Day?

What is the main idea of MLK speech?

What do you like to do for others? 

What is your “dream” for our country?

It is always very interesting to get to know about different holidays from other countries and compare them with ours.

пʼятниця, 15 січня 2021 р.

The Beauty of Art

How wonderful life can be with art you just need to notice it everywhere. Yesterday Window on America for Future Leaders Kherson led the meeting of English Speaking Club via Zoom where we talked about “The Beauty of Art”. We learned some art idioms and art vocabulary and found out the difference between fine art , arts and crafts, visual art and performance art. We looked at some famous pictures of Da Vinci , Van Gogh , Salvador Dali etc. Of course we discussed questions related to the topic and did fun activities such as “Drawing dictation“ and “At talking activity”. During the first one, one of the participants should have described every detail in the piece of art work which he liked and the others should have drawn it. It was fun 🤩 especially when we compared the pictures then.

вівторок, 12 січня 2021 р.

We are what we do!

"We are what we do" - that was the topic we discussed yesterday during the English Speaking Club. Window on America for Future Leaders Kherson gathered its visitors via Zoom and we all practiced our English with native speaker, our American friend. We talked a lot about habits and shared some good and bad habits, eating habits, exercise habits and sleeping habits etc. Then we looked through some habit quotes and explained their meanings. At the end we played a game called "20 Questions" which was great because we all tried to #guess someone’s habit. Thank you dear friends for joining us and practicing English. See you all on Thursday at 4pm.

вівторок, 5 січня 2021 р.

Time will Tell

The great start of a new year and english speaking club that was held on January, 4th. Window on America for Future Leaders Kherson met its visitors via zoom. As a "Warm up 
activity" Anna Reznik, the facilitator of the club chose “Two truths and a lie“ where everyone should have told about his celebrations of the New Year. Then we shared our New Year’s Resolutions with each other and discussed some questions ⁉️. After that we found out the difference between "Make and Do" verbs and learned some really useful expressions. Thank our American friend who helped us to improve our English.