пʼятниця, 30 липня 2021 р.

English in Summertime

Summer is in full swing and lots of people are still enjoying their holidays so Window on America Center for future Leaders dedicated its meeting to "Beach Holidays". We were happy to meet people from different areas (Ukraine, Romania, Cambodia) who joined online and shared their thoughts about summer and discussed some questions. As usual we learned some beach vocabulary namely: coast, seashore, riverbank, harbour, tide, current, jetski etc. We also looked through some great idioms such as “to bring sand to the beach”, “to bury your head in the sand”, “to make waves“, “to swim with sharks“ and then participants tried to come up with different situations where they could use these phrases. Also we are really thankful to our native speakers from the USA, Great Britain and Canada for helping us improve our speaking skills. See y’all on Monday.