пʼятниця, 29 листопада 2019 р.

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is a very popular holiday in the USA and woafl_kherson decided to dedicate meetings to this day. So we had two sessions in our library_kherson_ua full of interesting information with lots of activities and discussions. Khersonspeakingclub met active members last week and coolspeaking club was yesterday. Thanks to our friends, peacecorpsvolunteers, Nina Jackson and Whitney Cravens and Troy Burton and Ethan Robison we got to know more about this holiday, its history and tradition. And of course we had a chance to compare holidays in the USA🇱🇷 and Ukraine. At the end all visitors shared their thoughts about what they were thankful for.

понеділок, 25 листопада 2019 р.

English club

Yesterday was a busy day for Window on America for Future Leaders Kherson where we met lots of visitors of english club. There were three learning groups different ages. We started with English club for students where we talked about emotions and feelings. Firstly we discussed some questions and filled in the "Happy Chart" table.
Then the visitors watched a video about the most common emotion words and worked with a worksheet where they should have completed the sentences using words from the video.

And of course we played games - taboo and kahoot. With the little ones we started learning the topic weather where kids were got acquainted with new vocabulary and did some activities. After having watched two video songs about the weather kids were describing the yesterday's weather and talked about their favorite one. And with the middle group we talked about thanksgivingday. We watched a video "History of Thanksgiving" and answered some questions dedicated to it and then we played two more games - madlib and kahoot that helped us to improve our English

пʼятниця, 15 листопада 2019 р.

Meeting of khersonspeakingclub

The topic sleep was discussed during the meeting of khersonspeakingclub which was yesterday at woafl_kherson. Nina Jackson, the peacecorpsvolunteer prepared different activities that were fun to do.

One of these is changingseats where one person who is standing in a circle tells one statement about sleeping and others should change their seats if they agree with that. Also we practiced with idioms and tryed to explain their meaning. As usual at the end of session we were divided into groups and discussed some questions.

понеділок, 11 листопада 2019 р.

Regions of the United States

A big event was at Window on America for Future Leaders Kherson today where we met 8 #peacecorpsvolunteers at once who presented us the topic "Regions of the United States".

And we had a great number of visitors - about 50 people different age (students from the gymnasium 1 and "School of the liberal art" and adults) came to get acquainted with #native speakers. So the visitors were divided into 3 groups and "travelled" to every US region.

We had 4 locations: The South (Sarah Winter and Holly Furgason), the West (Casey Forgey and Hannah Ferguson), the Northeast (Nina Jackson and Leah Chaney) and the Midwest (Mattea Pezza and Sarah Rosenthal).
In every "region" visitors found out about the states and their cities, culture and history and of course did different activities, such as playing "Jeopardy" and "Corn" games, made up some songs about Kherson and even we tryed some food - "soft pretzels" from the east coast, "dry corn" from the Midwest and "corn bread" from the South region. We even had time for free speaking during the coffee break. Afterwards we all gathered again upstairs to summarize information we got and did an American Trivia.
Inspite the event had been lasted for 5 hours some visitors didn't want to leave and asked americans different questions

пʼятниця, 8 листопада 2019 р.

Wonderful meeting of khersonspeakingclub

Yesterday there was a wonderful meeting of khersonspeakingclub dedicated to different lifestyles. Woafl_kherson was pleased to meet active members of the club who improve their english with native speakers. Our peacecorpsvolunteers Nina Jackson and Whitney Cravens did a great presentation with lots of activities.

Firstly we discussed different lifestyles such as healthy, adventurious, active, alternative, extravagant, dangerous. Then we played a debate game where we moved from corner to corner if we agree with statesments or disagree. Then we learnt some idioms about life and made some sentences with them. And of course we worked in groups and discussed some essential questions and created an #instagram stories about people's lifestyles.

четвер, 7 листопада 2019 р.

Coolspeaking club

It is always great to see new faces at @woafl_kherson where they come to take part in some #English_club sessions.

Yesterday we met 3 new students at #coolspeaking club and got acquianted with each other. Our american guests, Troy Burton and Ethan Robison helped to improve our English. We started with an #icebreaking game "Two truths and a lie", then we played two more #boardgames "Alias" and "Lexico junior".

We tryed to explain some words that were written by our visitors and then made up sentences with them. "Lexico Junior" helped us to remember english grammar because children had to use three different pictures to make a story

пʼятниця, 1 листопада 2019 р.

English Club's Day at the library

Sunday, October 27th woafl_kherson was the popular place where there were 3 different groups of English Club. More than 20 visitors came to the library_kherson_ua to improve their English. One more group for Youth began to work last Sunday, where we got acquainted with each other and talked about the Importance of learning English. We learnt some Language Idioms and worked in groups where we were discussing some questions. And to improve our speaking skills we played game "Lexico". With the small ones (5-7 aged) we revised the topic "Food" and played "Who am I? and began to learn the difference activities using the verb Can. Middle group of children found out about the Food variety around the world and shared their favorite dishes. Ath the end we played game "Jeopardy". It was really busy day where we learnt new materials, played board games, worked in groups and spoke English.