пʼятниця, 28 січня 2022 р.

The way we travel

What is the safest way of traveling 🚗🚲🚈✈️? Most members of our English practice said it was train 🚊 and gave their reasons why. Then we discussed other questions related to the topic. Every meeting we tried to give some new phrases to learn so this time we looked through some idioms with “drive” word and then we revised some car parts words. At the end we played a speaking game “Johnny’s going to work by …”.

If you’re interested in Speaking Practices we would invite you to join our practices which are on Mondays and Thursdays at 4pm.

понеділок, 24 січня 2022 р.

"Let's Talk"

Winter’s back in our region full of snow and cold days and we decided to talk about this kind of weather and learn some phrases during the English Speaking Practice. Of course some of vocabulary was very familiar and our participants could speak  easily on this topic. But there were few phrases which our club’s members heard for the first time. It’s a big pleasure for us when after the class people learn something new and are always thankful. 

пʼятниця, 21 січня 2022 р.

English 123

Today’s children’s visit to the Kherson Library for Children was wonderful and exciting because we met kids from Private School who “traveled” around the library and got acquainted with different departments. They practiced their English, played games and watched short animated films at Window on America Center for Future Leaders. They tried themselves as actors at the Art Department while performing a fairytale “The Mittens”. They made a “Snowman” by themselves at the Periodical Room and of course they danced with “Just Dance” which was lots of fun. It’s a big pleasure for us to see happy faces of kids so we’d love to see them again.

понеділок, 17 січня 2022 р.

"I have a Dream"

Martin Luther King Jr. was an American activist who became the visible spokesman and leader in the civil rights movement and becauseof him there is a federal holiday in the USA, which is observed on the third Monday of January each year. 

Thus, January 18 Window on America Center for Future Leaders held a meeting of English Speaking Practice which we dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We looked through the history of this holiday in the USA and discussed questions like “How can we fight against unfair treatment today?” and “What is freedom for you” which are still very important to think a out. We also watched a short video clip of Martin’s famous speech “I have a dream” and shared our own ideas to this topic. Most of people said that their dream was to have peace in the world and find some cancer and COVID 19 treatments.  

вівторок, 11 січня 2022 р.

"Never Have I ever..."


“Never Have I ever” is one of the Window on America Center for Future Leaders Kherson favorite games which is fun and educational. Yesterday’s meeting of English Speaking Club we started with an icebreaker “This or That” and discussed some items we prefer most of the time and then we talked about different experiences we’ve had in our lives. After discussing some questions we played a hilarious game “Never Have I ever” that helped us not only revised Present Perfect Tense but we also could get to know each other better.

понеділок, 10 січня 2022 р.

Christmas Movies

Who said that holidays are over 🥳? Last Sunday was the first meeting of Smart English Club for kids and teens which we dedicated to watching movies in English 🇬🇧. Kids came to the Library for Children and improved their listening and speaking skills while they were watching movies. For children aged 6-8 we chose a funny cartoon “Frosty the Snowman” where we learned some phrases and tried to use them in sentences. With teens we watched a famous Christmas movie “Home Alone” which was a way funny and interesting. We tried to make our participants feel comfortable so we set up some beanbag chairs and treated them with popcorn 🍿.