понеділок, 17 січня 2022 р.

"I have a Dream"

Martin Luther King Jr. was an American activist who became the visible spokesman and leader in the civil rights movement and becauseof him there is a federal holiday in the USA, which is observed on the third Monday of January each year. 

Thus, January 18 Window on America Center for Future Leaders held a meeting of English Speaking Practice which we dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We looked through the history of this holiday in the USA and discussed questions like “How can we fight against unfair treatment today?” and “What is freedom for you” which are still very important to think a out. We also watched a short video clip of Martin’s famous speech “I have a dream” and shared our own ideas to this topic. Most of people said that their dream was to have peace in the world and find some cancer and COVID 19 treatments.  

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