Thursday, June 6, 2024

Family Relationships

That was a great start of our English Summer Practices 🙌 where active participants boost their knowledge on the Family Topic and improved their speaking skills meeting two American volunteers 🇺🇸.

We started off with the funny video to see royal manners and this way we tuned into conversation.
There were some expressions and phrasal verbs which helped us to speak out about relationships, core values and challenges that may arise in each family.
At the end of the meeting our visitors got a short home assignment to find out more about British Royal Family and discuss some questions in the telegram chat.

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Life outdoor is better

There are 8 principles of health and being outdoors is one of them. Because spring 🌷 and summer☀️are seasons when you can be outside more often, so we decided to talk about that.

We discussed some questions and shared our opinions wheather it’s better to spend vacations in nature🏕️ or in a 🏙️, which things we like about countryside and what are disadvantages of it. We also reminisced about our past outdoor adventures in our Kherson Oblast 🌊⛵️. 

Of course we had some time for new phrases and idioms on this topic which we could practice afterwards. Thank to our native speaker 🇨🇦🇺🇸 who helps us improve our speaking in a fun way 😊.

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Coffee Culture

Have you heard the term “Coffee Culture”? That’s the culture where people like to drink coffee or visit cafes ☕️ 🍽️

The last English Speaking Practice we dedicated to one of the most popular drinks in the world - coffee ☕️. We revised the types of coffee, after that we shared our favorite flavors and best memories related to it. We discussed where the most delicious coffee is and when this coffee trend became popular in Ukraine 🇺🇦.

Monday, May 20, 2024

Is sport your thing?

Almost all Ukrainians are still excited about the professional boxing match 🥊 contested between WBC champion Tyson Fury and unified WBA champion Oleksandr Usyk where our 🇺🇦sportsman won by split decision 🙌. Congratulations 🎊

Of course our Speaking Practice could not be about something else but Sport Edition. We shared our thoughts about that match, we discussed questions related to our life and completed sentences with sport phrasal verbs. There’s a good tendency among people to take up new activities, sport events and keep fit.

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Family Ties

All families are unique, but they all have some things in common - love ❤️ and support 👐. Thus the last English Speaking Practice was dedicated to relationships and Family Day which was celebrated yesterday in Ukraine. With the members of the meeting we discussed some topic questions, shared our pleasant family moments with each other, thought about family features and how to cope with common family issues. Traditionally we looked through some expressions and idioms in English, such as

- cut from the same cloth;
- an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree;
- take after someone;
- run in the family etc.
If you want to know more expressions or just improve your speaking, we invite you to join us