пʼятниця, 1 жовтня 2021 р.

Work Hard. Dream Big

What is success? Is it wealth? Is it happiness or fame? Most people agree that it cannot be defined in one sentence, but instead it contains many things. Yesterday members of English Speaking Club joined Window on America Center for Future Leaders meeting from different places (the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Cambodia and Ukraine) to improve their English. The topic we discussed was about “Success and how to achieve goals”. Thus we answered the questions, read some quotes and explained their meaning. After that we looked through some success habits such as organization, relaxation, positive attitude, personal care, taking action, sharing to think over our lives. It was a nice meeting because people talked a lot and that was amazing 🤩.

неділя, 5 вересня 2021 р.

Welcome Back

First meetings of English Club for kids and teens were held today at Window on America Center for future Leaders. We’re so excited to see kids who came to learn English and who made our day today. They are all so smart, friendly and funny. These meeting were dedicated to introducing ourselves and getting to know each other better. We watched some YouTube videos about greetings around the world, then we learned some more phrases to say hello 👋. Activities such as “Change your seat if…”, “Pass the ball” and “What’s in your name?” made these English practices fun 🤩.

пʼятниця, 30 липня 2021 р.

English in Summertime

Summer is in full swing and lots of people are still enjoying their holidays so Window on America Center for future Leaders dedicated its meeting to "Beach Holidays". We were happy to meet people from different areas (Ukraine, Romania, Cambodia) who joined online and shared their thoughts about summer and discussed some questions. As usual we learned some beach vocabulary namely: coast, seashore, riverbank, harbour, tide, current, jetski etc. We also looked through some great idioms such as “to bring sand to the beach”, “to bury your head in the sand”, “to make waves“, “to swim with sharks“ and then participants tried to come up with different situations where they could use these phrases. Also we are really thankful to our native speakers from the USA, Great Britain and Canada for helping us improve our speaking skills. See y’all on Monday.

понеділок, 31 травня 2021 р.

Let's meet summer

The last meeting of English Club this season was held at the Kherson Oblast Library for Children. Kids came to improve their English and revise the topics they’ve learned during the school year. With  the little ones we played "Jeopardy" and "Logical reasoning" games. And teens used their gadgets to work on the Kahoot Learning Platform". We also talked about summer and our favorite things about it. 

Also there was a Game Session meeting for the members of English Speaking Club. We met some visitors online (who currently lives in different cities) and in person. For that meeting we chose a speaking game called "This or That" where the participants had to choose one option they prefer and then explain why in 30 seconds ⏱. There were 2 options like dogs /cats; youtube /netflix ; phonecall / textmessage; music /podcast; apple / android; swimming /sunbathing etc. And at the end we played another fun game - "Spelling Bee".

пʼятниця, 28 травня 2021 р.

Let's Talk English

Online meetings of English Speaking Club are always held on Mondays and Thursdays at 4pm. It's a great opportunity to improve English with native speakers, volunteers from the United States, Great Britain and Canada. 
This week Window on America Center for Future Leaders had two English Practices. On Monday, May 25th, we talked about "People around the world". And the first question we discussed was if we ever judge people on their looks and if we notice such things as tattoos, body piersing, makeup etc. After the discussion we learned some useful phrases like "to deal with someone", "to put up with", "get along with", "to butter someone up", "to sweet talk someone", "to comfort someone", "to keep to oneself", "to put someone down". 

Thursday meeting we dedicated to memories. Our visitors were given some introduction questions related to the topic and after that we played a game called “Positive , Negative and Crazy ” where the participants chose an option and the rest group gave them a theme to jog their memories. It was fun when people started to remenisce their past and tried to remember different parts of their life and share them with others.

Join our meetings and learn English with pleasure.