пʼятниця, 30 квітня 2021 р.

Movie Night

Last Thursday, Window on America Center for Future Leaders had another session of English Speaking C
lub where we all talked about Movies 🎬, Cinema and Food 🍿🍕🥤we usually eat there, Oscar Award and Film Genres. Our guests from different cities (Kherson, Odessa, Dnipro) and even countries (Cambodia, Kazakhstan) did some fun activities such as "Conversation Cards", Guess the movie by its famous quote" and "Create your own film plot using random story cards". 

It was a great 😊 practice because we all had an opportunity to improve our English with native speakers from the USA and Canada who are currently living in Ukraine.

пʼятниця, 23 квітня 2021 р.

Keep Learning English

Nowadays learning languages is an essential part in our life. Lots of people are learning at least one foreign language. Window on America Center for future Leaders decided to dedicate the last meeting of English Speaking Club to studying them. As usual we started with warning up questions and then we looked through some practical tips and discussed if they were really helpful. Among them are: 

* Have a reason that motivates you;

* Have a partner;

* Talk to yourself;

* Keep it relevant; 

* Have fun with it;

* Listen to people and watch them speaking;

* Immerse yourself etc. 

Thanks our native speakers we can improve our English and have fun with it.

пʼятниця, 9 квітня 2021 р.

English Speaking Practice

Last Monday and Thursday Window on America Center for Future Leaders gathered its members online from different countries to speak English and have fun 🤩. We were glad to meet people from Kazakhstan, Canada, Cambodia, The USA, Great Britain, Thailand and Ukraine. It was a memorable experience to get to know so many interesting people and improve our English! The game “5 words” helped us to speak a lot and ask each other different questions. In this game, our visitors had to describe their perfect day using only 5 words and after that the rest group had to ask questions regarding each word. It was a great way to get to know each other better. If you would like to improve your English and hear different accents join our online meetings every Monday and Thursday!

пʼятниця, 2 квітня 2021 р.

"Nina and Eve's Adventures"

Another great meeting Window on America Center for Future Leaders Kherson had today with Irina Skybenko, an author of books for teens, who presented her new book “Nina and Eve at Schonbrunn Palace”. The young readers of the Kherson Library for Children joined this meeting via zoom and not only had a wonderful opportunity to get to know the characters better but also improved their English because Irina’s books are in English. We did some pre-reading activities and even made a short virtual tour around the Schoenbrunn Palace in Vienna. Overall it was a really interesting and exciting meeting. So we are looking forward to the next session.

четвер, 1 квітня 2021 р.

Discover America

Young readers of the Kherson Oblast Library for Children visited Window on America Center for Future Leaders yesterday to increase their knowledge about the USA. We played a board game “50-star game land: Discover America” which was designed by librarians. To find out more interesting facts about the United States children answered different questions on 5 categories such as nature, history, inventions, culture and disneyland. Besides questions visitors also looked at the US map and found different states on it. At the end of the game we also had 3 winners who got small presents - notepads and pens with WOA logo on them. Hope this game helped our readers to find out something new about the USA.