понеділок, 15 березня 2021 р.

Color of spring

We are always happy to see visitors at the Kherson oblast Library for Children named after Dniprova Chayka and last sunday Window on America Center for Future Leaders had 3 meetings of English Club for kids, teens and adults. Anna Reznik chose the spring topic for each group. Thus we all revised the spring vocabulary playing the game called assosiation and watching a video “What happens in spring?”. Then the little visitors did another activity called “Iceberg” where they jumped from “iceberg” to “iceberg” and called the words and phrases.

 Teens were working in groups and made up some short spring stories. 

And there was a boardgame “Name 3” which we played with adults and improved our speaking.

пʼятниця, 12 березня 2021 р.

The Art of Photography

Photography has become really popular in the art world so Window on America Center for Future Leaders Kherson decided to discuss this topic yesterday during the English Speaking Club's meeting. We looked through some types of photography and discussed our favorite ones. 

We are really thankful to Connelly Molnar, our American friend for sharing his amazing pictures (he is very good at it 👌) and the opportunity to see beautiful places across the United States. 

We’ll definitely continue talking about this topic so don’t miss a chance to join our next meeting and share your thoughts.

пʼятниця, 5 березня 2021 р.

What's in your name?

What’s in your name? That was the topic we discussed yesterday at Window on America for Future Leaders Kherson with visitors who joined online. We answered the questions related to the topic and then compared the names in different countries as well and explained why we like ours. We also learned some useful expressions started with “It’s...” (it's doesn't matter; it doesn't make any sense; it's doesn't prove a thing; it's none of your business; it's a lie; it's all the same to me; it's beside the point; it's new to me; it's out of a place; it's up to you; it's waste of time) and made up life situations using those phrases. And for a speaking game activity we chose “D-Icebreakers: feelings“. 

We are always happy to see new people on our practices so if you would like to become part of it - please do it. 

See you on Monday

понеділок, 1 березня 2021 р.

Read Along

To spend Sunday with the whole family is very easy especially with the Kherson Oblast Library for Children. This day Window on America Center for Future Leaders  held 3 meeetings of English Club for kids, teens and adults. “Read Along” was the topic we discussed today with different questions about books 📚 and reading. All groups of visitors learned some vocabulary and did some activities to remember it. Also with the smallest visitors we read a story from "English ladder" sets.

With the teenagers we did "Madlibs" and then made up our own story. 

And with adults, after discussing some questions we also reviewed the grammar and how to talk about likes 👍and dislikes 👎.