пʼятниця, 18 лютого 2022 р.

Who's the spy?

Who’s the spy 🕵️‍♀️?

Yesterday’s English Practice we dedicated to board games which are always fun and exciting. For this session we chose a game “Spyfall” - one of the favorite games among our visitors. We asked lots of questions to find out who the spy was whereas the spy had to guess the place. 

Let’s check your intuition: which place do think we chose for the game:

* a) supermarket 🛍

* b) passenger train 🚆 

* c) movie studio 🎬

Write your answers in comments below 👇 

вівторок, 15 лютого 2022 р.

Love is...

Valentine’s Day or Day of Love ❤️ is celebrated annually on February, 14 when people all around the world express their affection with greetings and gifts. English Speaking Club for adults conducted an online meeting yesterday where we of course 😉 talked about love. We started off with a warm up activity “Talk for 1 min about something you love”. English Practice 🇬🇧🗣, Reading 📚, Food 🥘, Job 💻 were on the list of favorites of our members. After that we watched a short video clip and tried to think about its message. Then we came up with some ideas where people usually meet friends or partners nowadays and what stages they go through. We also looked through some phrasal verbs such as ask out, go out, open up, move in, settle down, lead on and break up. At the end we did a fun activity “Mad Libs” which was exciting.

пʼятниця, 11 лютого 2022 р.

This week speaking club sessions were on Monday and Thursday with lots of activities, topics discussions and fun. On Monday we talked about money 💰 and what we are good at - saving or spending 🧐. We also learned some useful phrasal verbs and idioms.



On Thursday we discussed some everyday problems that happen all the time in our life + plus we learned how to give advice in English. 

Some great websites such as #bamboozle , #wordwall and #youtube make English practice exciting and interesting.

пʼятниця, 4 лютого 2022 р.

Language: Do you speak slang?

Is it easy for you to learn foreign language? What difficulties do you usually have? 👇

Last meeting of English Speaking Club for adults was about languages and studying experiences. That was great to hear people’s funny stories when they use English and other languages. Then we looked through some slang words, which are more common in speech than writing, and are typically restricted to a particular context or group of people. After that we tried to use them in different speaking activities. 

Overall the practice was snatched (any ideas what it means 😉).

вівторок, 1 лютого 2022 р.

What animal are you?

Last Monday, January 31, Window on America Center for Future Leaders held a speaking practice with active members of English Club for adults. Also this day is known for International Zebra’s 🦓 Day so our meeting we dedicated to animals. We discussed some questions and then learned some useful idioms such as 'dog days", "have a cow", "kitty corner", "make a beeline for", "wild goose chase", "one-trick pony", "cold turkey" etc. And of course to practice them we make up our own examples. Another great activity we did was comparing ourselves with different things and the song “Everything at once” by Lenka helped us a lot.