вівторок, 26 травня 2020 р.

Food and Art

What do food and art have in common? To find out the answer Window on America Center for Future Leaders gathered on an online meeting active members of English Speaking club. As warm up activity we answered some questions about Food 🌮🍱🍣🍤🥡 and Art 🎧🎭🎨🎬. So we tried to find the connection of these two terms. We also shared some pictures of Food Art . To practice our speaking skills we played "Small Talk" where we gave different situation on the topic. 


четвер, 21 травня 2020 р.

Be Style - Be Cool

What style is yours? This and other questions we discussed today with our American friends and active members of online speaking club. We all tried to find out with our own style and described it with 3 adjectives. Then we could compare specific names of some clothes that are popular in the USA and Ukraine. At the end we played a funny game categories and revised our English vocabulary.

середа, 20 травня 2020 р.

Let's talk about Europe

Another great opportunity to improve English was yesterday during the online speaking club where active members talked about European Countries. Every year Window on America for future leaders Kherson holds different events dedicated to Europe Days and that’s why this meeting was no exception! We discussed some questions, we dreamed about our lives and how they would be different if we lived somewhere else and of course we played board game “Let’s talk”, which was fun! And also we were glad to meet a new person, who is currently living in the Netherlands and is interested in learning English with us.

четвер, 14 травня 2020 р.

Family is Evertything

There are two holidays celebrated in May which are connected to Family - they are "Mother's Day and Family Day 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. That’s why Window on America for future leaders Kherson dedicated online meeting of English Speaking Club to our FAMILIES. We started with an Ice-breaker “2 truths and a lie” where we said 3 statements about family where 1 was a lie. Then we discussed some questions and shared the traditions that are popular in our families. In order to practice our english we did an activity "Small talk" where we had only 2 minutes to get to know more about each family. And as usual American volunteers helped us to facilitate this meeting. We hope to see you all in the Kherson Library for Children as soon as we can but for now join us through the skype on Tuesday at 2pm.