пʼятниця, 28 лютого 2020 р.

American Life

Sometimes it seems to us that we know a lot about the United States of America but working with native speakers we usually get more information about it. And yesterday, February 27 members of Kherson Speaking Club came to Window on America Center for future leaders on a meeting with Peace Corps Volunteer Nina Jackson. We had a really good activity where Nina wrote some questions which were asked by our visitors about the United States and Ukraine. Then we had a chance to compare these two countries. At the end we looked through the some of  American Stereotypes and discussed wheather it’s true or false.

четвер, 27 лютого 2020 р.

Languages in our life

Why learning languages are so important in today’s life 💁‍♀️. This topic was discussed yesterday at Window on America Center for future leaders during the Cool Speaking club. We started with "Ice breakers" activity where visitors shared their experience with language learning. Then we watched a video “The importance of learning languages” and discussed some questions. It was fun to get to know about some techniques and studying methods that are used by our visitors to remember vocabulary and practice the languages. Working in groups is really good activity for everybody because all of members can improve their speaking skills with native speakers. We also looked through the Language Idioms and found out their meaning in Ukrainian.

понеділок, 24 лютого 2020 р.

On the Move

You didn’t know where to spend your Sunday - you should have definitely come to Window on America for future Leaders and practiced your English with us. We had 3 groups of visitors and talked about transport in general and of course public transport in cities. With youth we discussed more questions on this topic and did some activities. One of them was to compare different means of transport using comparative adjectives. With kids we learned words and word phrases, listened the song and worked with different worksheets. Next week we are going to continue this topic so if you are interested in speaking english - join any group.

пʼятниця, 21 лютого 2020 р.

What is love?

It’s a really hard question to find the answer on it. And yesterday during the khersonspeakingclub we tried to discuss this and other questions!

About 20 adults, members of #speakingclub came to woafl_kherson to improve their english with peacecorpsvolunteers. At the beginning we watched a video about the history of valentines_day and learned new vocabulary on this topic, some new phrases, idioms and lovequotes.

Then, working in groups we made a list of words, connected to love and then presented it to others. We had a really great meeting and even didn’t notice that the club had finished. Hope to see all of these wonderfulpeople next time

четвер, 20 лютого 2020 р.

The USA and |Ukraine: Comparing two countries

Cool Speaking club becomes popular among young people who come to Window on America center for future leaders to practice their English with native speakers. And yesterday we met 20 visitors (some of them came for the first time) and had a really interesting topic where we were comparing two countries: the United States of America and Ukraine. This meeting was held in a new way for us - Speed English . Visitors were divided into 4 groups with one american guest in each. And then after having watched short videos we discussed 3 topics, such as Leisure, Food and Schools. All members of this club could share their opinions and thoughts about given topics and get some new information! We are very thankful our American Friends for helping visitors of the Library for Children named after Dniprova Chayka to improve their English!

вівторок, 11 лютого 2020 р.

Window to Success

Busy January with all its holidays and days off is over and finaly the participants of Women's Career Club gathered at the second meeting at Window on America center for future leaders this frosty Sunday. The discussion was about the 1st chapter of Rania Anderson's book "Undeterred" - the 1st habbit of successful woman - to be unrestrained. Which barriers prevent women from being successful? Do we have gender stereotypes in our society? Is it useful to be unrestrained in life? Our participants expressed their thoughts about these issues and made conclusions - it's not the same as to be uncontrolled or too self-confident but not to stop in the face of obstacles, try to find another ways to solve the the problem and achieve your goals on the way to success. So let's not slow down, let's move ahead! See you next time on March 1.

пʼятниця, 7 лютого 2020 р.

Super Bowl

What do you know about the Super Bowl🏈? Why is it such a big deal? What does it mean to Americans? 
These and other questions were discussed yesterday at Window on America Center for Future leaders during the Kherson Speaking Club. Our friends, Peace Corps Volunteers - Nina Jackson and Whitney Cravens prepared a really good presentation about this event which is very popular in the United States. The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League played in early February. Whitney is a big fan of American football and she explained us the main things about the Super Bowl and its rules.

 Watching and discussing the broadcast’s commercials has become a significant aspect of the event so we watched the “Top 10 Super Bowl Ads” this year and discussed them. Thanks all visitors and of course our American guest for holding this club.

четвер, 6 лютого 2020 р.


Traveling is a great way to learn about countries and practice the languages. Yesterday there was a meeting of Cool Speaking Club at Window on America Center for Future Leaders where young boys and girls come to learn something new and of course improve their English speaking skills. 

We talked about "Traveling 🧳🚘🛩" and found out the meaning of some Phrasal verbs and answered the questions. Then we worked in groups where all visitors acted the situations that can happen with people on the way. At the end we played "Kahoot"

Thanks to our American volunteers that helped us to make this session more interesting and fun!

понеділок, 3 лютого 2020 р.

Kobe Bryant

There was a quite sad 😔 meeting at @woafl_kherson which was dedicated to distinguished #basketball 🏀 #player Kobe Bryant. 
Visitors of @khersonspeakingclub talked about Kobe and his life and found out that he was five time #nba #champion and he went straight from high school to NBA. 

Then we watched some videos: “Undisputed interview about Kobe’s passing” and “Dear Basketball 🏀”. After watching we broke up into groups and discussed what we could take from these films.

 One of the activities was reading and understanding some #famous #qoutes of Kobe Bryant. And of course we couldn’t forget about his 10 best plays⛹️‍♂️. We all are really upset by the Kobe’s death and condole with his relatives.