понеділок, 3 лютого 2020 р.

Kobe Bryant

There was a quite sad 😔 meeting at @woafl_kherson which was dedicated to distinguished #basketball 🏀 #player Kobe Bryant. 
Visitors of @khersonspeakingclub talked about Kobe and his life and found out that he was five time #nba #champion and he went straight from high school to NBA. 

Then we watched some videos: “Undisputed interview about Kobe’s passing” and “Dear Basketball 🏀”. After watching we broke up into groups and discussed what we could take from these films.

 One of the activities was reading and understanding some #famous #qoutes of Kobe Bryant. And of course we couldn’t forget about his 10 best plays⛹️‍♂️. We all are really upset by the Kobe’s death and condole with his relatives.

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