вівторок, 11 лютого 2020 р.

Window to Success

Busy January with all its holidays and days off is over and finaly the participants of Women's Career Club gathered at the second meeting at Window on America center for future leaders this frosty Sunday. The discussion was about the 1st chapter of Rania Anderson's book "Undeterred" - the 1st habbit of successful woman - to be unrestrained. Which barriers prevent women from being successful? Do we have gender stereotypes in our society? Is it useful to be unrestrained in life? Our participants expressed their thoughts about these issues and made conclusions - it's not the same as to be uncontrolled or too self-confident but not to stop in the face of obstacles, try to find another ways to solve the the problem and achieve your goals on the way to success. So let's not slow down, let's move ahead! See you next time on March 1.

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