вівторок, 29 грудня 2020 р.

Let's reflected on 2020

On Monday, December 28th Window on America for Future Leaders Kherson had an English Speaking Practice where we gathered for the last time in 2020. We all reflected on year that passes and shared the most memorable moments of it with each other. But of course there was something that we all regretted in some way so we learned how to use "Wish: expressing regret". Firstly we looked at the grammar rules and then practiced them doing a "Photocaption activity". We also made up a story which is one of our favorites. It is a great way to improve our speaking. Thank all our friends from the United States, Kazakhstan and different Ukrainian cities (Lviv, Kharkiv, Kherson) for participating. See you all next year 😊.

пʼятниця, 18 грудня 2020 р.

Holiday Celebrarions

There’s one good thing about online English practices and that is meeting people from different cities and even countries. Yesterday, Window on America for Future Leaders Kherson met visitors from Kharkiv, Dnipro, Kazakhstan and the Netherlands. We all gathered via Zoom and had a great opportunity to practice our English with native speakers, our friends from America. We did the activity called "Christmas brainstorming" where we went through some categories such as Food, Decorations, Traditions and Christmas problems that can appear during the holiday season. It was also exciting to compare the celebrations of Christmas around the world and share some our vivid memories with each other. Thank you all for participating and having a great time together. See you on Monday at 4pm.

неділя, 13 грудня 2020 р.

"Would you rather...?"

One of the best way to learn English and improve speaking is to play different Board games 🎲♟. That’s why Window on America Center for Future Leaders dedicated this meeting to playing. We started with an icebreaker “Two truths and a lie“ and then we chose the “Would you rather ...” game to play from “Activate: Games for learning American English”. But before that we revised the grammar namely using the "Prefer and Would rather" constructions. So we all had fun while answering the random questions. 

What about you: Would you rather learn English by playing games or reading books 📚?

вівторок, 1 грудня 2020 р.

Святкуйте разом з нами!

Інформаційний центр «Вікно в Америку для майбутніх лідерів» продовжує свої онлайн-засідання англомовного клубу щопонеділка та щочетверга. Вчорашнє засідання ми присвятили святам, а саме Дню Подяки, яке відзначали американці минулого четверга та дню народження, який святкували двоє наших активних членів клубу.

На початку ми відповіли на деякі запитання та поділилися своїми враженнями стосовно традицій та святкування. Також клубівці ознайомилися з деякими фразовими дієсловами та практикували їх використання під час вправи «Make a story», де кожний мав змогу скласти речення тим самим продовжуючи історію за заданою темою.

пʼятниця, 20 листопада 2020 р.

WOA FL Kherson Virtual Board


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Holiday season is coming...

Thanksgiving Day is only in a week but active members of English Speaking Club started to talk about this holiday today. Window on America Center for Future Leaders invited American volunteers to join the English practice in order to know more about the most popular holidays of America and their traditions and about the United States in general. We discussed and compared our favorite feast meals, holiday activities and family challengies that sometimes occur during holidays. We also had time to ask and answer questions just to get to know each other better.

пʼятниця, 30 жовтня 2020 р.

Будь у тренді! Будь медіаграмотним!

Херсонський Центр «Вікно в Америку для майбутніх лідерів» долучився до Всесвітнього тижня медійної та інформаційної грамотності,  провівши для учасників розмовного клубу тренінг «Будь у тренді. Будь медіаграмотним!»,  за участі медіатренера Херсонської обласної бібліотеки для дітей імені Дніпрової Чайки – Срібної Ірини Сергіївни. Розпочали зустріч з мотиваційної гри, яка грунтується на дослідженнях польско-американского психолога і викладача, автора відомих экспериментів, присвячених конформності – Соломона Аша. 

Упродовж тренінгу, учасниками якого стали читачі бібліотеки як у форматі офлайн так і онлайн, вони навчалися розпізнавати інформування та пропаганду, фейки та маніпуляції, аналізуючи різноманітні відео та плакати, відшукували прихований підтекст та приховану рекламу в повідомленнях.  

Під час розгляду вправи «Моє Медіаполе» присутні розповідали про свої медіавподобання протягом дня та визначали свій рівень медіазалежності. 

На завершення тренінгу клубівці розрізняли фейки у заголовках, фотофейки та дійшли висновку щодо загальних правил перевірки інформаційного потоку.             


Тож бажаємо усім бути медіаграмотними та обізнаними у питаннях «споживання» інформацї. 

середа, 28 жовтня 2020 р.

Time Differences

Are you good at managing time? How long can you do without knowing the time? When does time go slowly /quickly for you? These and other questions were discussed on October, 26th at Window on America Center for Future Leaders Kherson during the English Speaking Club. We are all surrounded by time every day so we dedicated the whole English practice to it. After having discussed some questions we looked at some collocations with TIME such as pass the time; presious time; set time; kill time; waste time; have a hard time; take your time and others. We also played a game called "Talking Cards" where visitors chose the card and told about the different situations that were hidden there. It’s great that we have an opportunity to meet some of our members online using different media and that day it was facebook messenger. Next English practice will be on Thursday (October, 29th) at 4pm. We would be really happy to see you 🤗

неділя, 18 жовтня 2020 р.

Easy English

English Speaking Club for kids and adults was held today at Window on America Center for Future Leaders Kherson where we talked a lot about household chores and about ourselves. With the youngest visitors we learned some vocabulary related to this topic, watched some funny videos and then discussed them. And we also practiced to write and to speak in English. 

With adults and teenagers we talked about our favorite things such as place to spend a day; season; music and tvshow; time of day; person in the world etc. And for that activity we used the boardgame “Name your favorite” from “Activate: Games for learning American English.

пʼятниця, 9 жовтня 2020 р.

English in Use

Do you have a person you can count on? Or is it hard as finding a needle in a haystack? Do you know any of these phrases? Yesterday the members of English Speaking Club gathered at Window on America Center for future Leaders in order to learn and improve their English. We all got to know some common phrases that are popular in the daily speech - here are some of them "24/7", "Draw the line", "Easier said than done", "Every cloud has a silver lining", "Fish out of water", "Pull yourself together", "Sick and tired", "Sleep on it", "Step up your game", "Tip of the iceberg" , "Break a leg", "Think outside the box" etc. So we all found out the meaning of them and discussed the situations in which they can be used. We were also really happy to see some visitors that joined us online and could also participate. And it is plain as day that learning English can be fun so we want you to be a part of our club.

пʼятниця, 25 вересня 2020 р.

Friends and Friendship

Last meeting (September, 24th) of English Speaking Club that is at Window on America Center for Future Leaders was dedicated to Friends and Friendship 👭👬. There is no person in the world 🌍 who has no friends at all so the club’s members talked a lot about their friends and qualities they have. We also were able to remember some idioms and practice using them in sentences. During the whole English practice we discussed some questions and improved our English with native speakers. Thanks to the American friends for joining us through the skype.

неділя, 6 вересня 2020 р.

Getting Acquainted

Today, September 6 Window on America Center for Future Leaders Kherson resumed meetings of English Club for kids at the Kherson Oblast Library for Children. And the first offline session we dedicated to acquaintance with each other. With younger kids we asked and answered simple questions and then we played the "Logical Chains" and "Pictionary" games in order to remember some words. 

With the older participants we talked about different summer activities that we did and after that we played "About Myself" board game from "Activate:Games for Learning American English". Overall we improved our English and had fun 😃. 

вівторок, 25 серпня 2020 р.

The Countries We Live in

Yesterday Ukraine celebrated its holiday so this session of English Speaking Club Window on America Center for Future Leaders dedicated to the topic “The Countries we live in”. We started with an activity “My country” where all members of the club said one sentence about Ukraine one by one. After that we discussed our opinions about the two countries: the USA and Ukraine and then compared their lifestyles. And of course we had a chance to dream while we made up story about our perfect vacation. Overall it was a nice club where we spoke English a lot with American volunteers that helped us to improve it.

четвер, 20 серпня 2020 р.

The Most Common Fears

Today Window on America Center for Future Leaders Kherson continued the topic about fears and emotions and had lots of fun activities. We came up with random questions and then we tried to think about situations that might have happened based on different popular GIFs . One of the creative tasks was drawing your fears this is where the participants drew pictures of their fears on paper. Overall it was really interesting and a very useful English practice where everyone improved their speaking skills with American Volunteers.

вівторок, 18 серпня 2020 р.

Emotions And Fears

Are you afraid of spiders? And heights? What feelings do you feel in an enclosed space? These and not just questions we asked today on online English speaking club of Window on America for Future Leaders Kherson.

After we voiced our fears by answering the questions from todays "Icebreaker", we moved on to a game called "Feelings" where we had six categories that we chose from by rolling the dice 🎲.

Throughout today's club, we've gotten to know each other and the fears of our participants!

вівторок, 11 серпня 2020 р.

How to Be a Good Friend?

At today's online English Speaking Club meeting of Window on America for Future Leaders center we discussed the topic of Friends and Friendship. At the beginning, we tried to characterize ourselves using the letters of our names. Then we talked about our best friends and reflected on how we first met them. After that, we named famous duos from movies and books, such as: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, Frodo and Sam.

We also asked ourselves questions such as: What qualities should a true friend have?, What does the word friend mean to you?, and Do you think it is good idea to borrow money from a friend? At the end of the meeting, we tried something new and did some riddles! We tried to find the answers to some difficult riddles, and although difficult, it was a blast! We hope to see you next time!

пʼятниця, 7 серпня 2020 р.

Play and Learn

The motto of today's English Speaking Club of Window on America Center for Future Leaders was 'Play and Learn.' At the beginning of the meeting, we played a new Icebreaker game called "Strange Gift". Following that, we played another game "Name your Favorite", a really great board game from “Activate: Games for learning American English.” The participants not only said their favorite things, but they described them with only 3 words! To close our meeting, we played a game called "Taxi Driver" where participants role played different scenarios as taxi drivers from different countries, practicing English by small talking with the passengers! It was a blast, and we hope to see you next time!

вівторок, 4 серпня 2020 р.

Weird Question Game

Do you think it is possible to learn English by asking strange and funny questions? Of course! That's what we did today at our online session of English speaking club of Window on America Center for Future Leaders.

We started with a "Go Fishing Icebreaker", then we played a "Weird Question" game, where we discussed the answers to different questions such as: If you could solve the problem of hunger in the third world or repair the ozone, which would you do?, If you could live anywhere, where would you live?, If the whole world were listening, what would you say?

This Thursday will also be dedicated to Board games, so don't miss the chance to improve your English with WOA FL Kherson and native speakers!

пʼятниця, 31 липня 2020 р.

Disney Magic Kingdom

Зустріч клубу літніх читань Summer Reading Program у Херсонській обласній бібліотеці для дітей імені Дніпрової Чайки відбулась сьогодні. І її темою стали тварини в мультфільмах Діснею "Disney Cartoons Animals" 🦊🐶🐱🐯🐮🐷🐭🐼 На початку зустрічі ми грали у гру "True or False" завдяки якій пригадали тему минулого тижня.

Учасники клубу вивчили назви деяких тварин та знайомили нас із своїми улюбленцями.
Закріпили здобуті знання на онлайн платформі Kahoot та грою "Seaground".
Учасники з нетерпінням чекають на нові зустрічі в інформаційному центрі Вікно в Америку для майбутніх лідерів.