середа, 28 жовтня 2020 р.

Time Differences

Are you good at managing time? How long can you do without knowing the time? When does time go slowly /quickly for you? These and other questions were discussed on October, 26th at Window on America Center for Future Leaders Kherson during the English Speaking Club. We are all surrounded by time every day so we dedicated the whole English practice to it. After having discussed some questions we looked at some collocations with TIME such as pass the time; presious time; set time; kill time; waste time; have a hard time; take your time and others. We also played a game called "Talking Cards" where visitors chose the card and told about the different situations that were hidden there. It’s great that we have an opportunity to meet some of our members online using different media and that day it was facebook messenger. Next English practice will be on Thursday (October, 29th) at 4pm. We would be really happy to see you 🤗

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