понеділок, 11 листопада 2019 р.

Regions of the United States

A big event was at Window on America for Future Leaders Kherson today where we met 8 #peacecorpsvolunteers at once who presented us the topic "Regions of the United States".

And we had a great number of visitors - about 50 people different age (students from the gymnasium 1 and "School of the liberal art" and adults) came to get acquainted with #native speakers. So the visitors were divided into 3 groups and "travelled" to every US region.

We had 4 locations: The South (Sarah Winter and Holly Furgason), the West (Casey Forgey and Hannah Ferguson), the Northeast (Nina Jackson and Leah Chaney) and the Midwest (Mattea Pezza and Sarah Rosenthal).
In every "region" visitors found out about the states and their cities, culture and history and of course did different activities, such as playing "Jeopardy" and "Corn" games, made up some songs about Kherson and even we tryed some food - "soft pretzels" from the east coast, "dry corn" from the Midwest and "corn bread" from the South region. We even had time for free speaking during the coffee break. Afterwards we all gathered again upstairs to summarize information we got and did an American Trivia.
Inspite the event had been lasted for 5 hours some visitors didn't want to leave and asked americans different questions

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