пʼятниця, 1 листопада 2019 р.

English Club's Day at the library

Sunday, October 27th woafl_kherson was the popular place where there were 3 different groups of English Club. More than 20 visitors came to the library_kherson_ua to improve their English. One more group for Youth began to work last Sunday, where we got acquainted with each other and talked about the Importance of learning English. We learnt some Language Idioms and worked in groups where we were discussing some questions. And to improve our speaking skills we played game "Lexico". With the small ones (5-7 aged) we revised the topic "Food" and played "Who am I? and began to learn the difference activities using the verb Can. Middle group of children found out about the Food variety around the world and shared their favorite dishes. Ath the end we played game "Jeopardy". It was really busy day where we learnt new materials, played board games, worked in groups and spoke English.

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