понеділок, 25 листопада 2019 р.

English club

Yesterday was a busy day for Window on America for Future Leaders Kherson where we met lots of visitors of english club. There were three learning groups different ages. We started with English club for students where we talked about emotions and feelings. Firstly we discussed some questions and filled in the "Happy Chart" table.
Then the visitors watched a video about the most common emotion words and worked with a worksheet where they should have completed the sentences using words from the video.

And of course we played games - taboo and kahoot. With the little ones we started learning the topic weather where kids were got acquainted with new vocabulary and did some activities. After having watched two video songs about the weather kids were describing the yesterday's weather and talked about their favorite one. And with the middle group we talked about thanksgivingday. We watched a video "History of Thanksgiving" and answered some questions dedicated to it and then we played two more games - madlib and kahoot that helped us to improve our English

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