середа, 20 січня 2021 р.

"First Trip to the Sea"

We had a very exciting zoom meeting yesterday where we met a wonderful person Irina Skibenko. IRINA is an English teacher, a traveler and a writer, so she was ecstatic to present her first book “Nina and Eve. First Trip to the Sea” to a group of teenage girls in Kherson. We did different prereading activities in order to find out more about the main characters, went on a virtual tour to Turkey as the main characters did using the Google map. 

And because one of the book's characters is a dog, we learned more about dachshunds while watching a video. The girls really enjoyed participating in this event and they are looking forward to the next meeting with this amazing author. A huge thanks to Irina Skibenko for her books, which you can read at the our library.

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