понеділок, 20 січня 2020 р.

Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King Day (also known as King Day or MLK Day) is a 🇺🇸United States federal holiday celebrated annually on the third Monday of January. So today @woafl_kherson met #peacecorpsvolunteers from Kherson and Mykolaiv who presented the visitors of the @library_kherson_ua two topics “MLK Day” by Nina Jackson @antonivkawithnina and Hannah Ferguson, and “Volunteering and Community Activism by Casey Forgey and Sarah Winter". 
All guests who came to the center were divided into two groups in order to get to know more facts about this #specialday in the USA 🇺🇸🗽. 

During the #mlkday session visitors learned the #biography of Martin Luther, found out about #slavery and #civilrightsmovement and listened to Martin Luther’s speech #ihaveadream where afterwards they should have discussed the significance and meaning of some of the quotes. 

At the end of this session everybody created their own poster about a community topic or some issues that they care about. During the “Volunteering” session we discovered some #volunteerorganizations thought about the examples of volunteering and made a list of #advantages of being a volunteer. Group activity where we researched Volunteering activities in our community helped us to find some solutions to problems that exist in our city and think about our role in this. We hope that today’s meeting with volunteers was interesting and useful for everybody.Until We Meet Again!

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