четвер, 9 січня 2020 р.

Winter Fun at Cool Speaking Club

Cool Speaking Club began its work yesterday at Window on America for future Leaders Center where active members came to improve their English with American volunteers. We started with WordGames and revised all words and phrases about Christmas and New Year (christmas tree, "Home Alone", carols, Santa Claus, hot chocolate, reindeers, family, fireworks, stockings.....) 
Then we talked about "Gifts & Presents" and everybody discussed some questions, such as "What is the best present you’ve ever had?", "Have you ever got weird gifts?" etc. and we watched a funny video “Giving weird Christmas presents” with further discussion. And of course our favorite kind of activity is playing board games so we chose "Alias" to play. Thanks to our guests we always have fun during the meetings. So if you're interested in learning English in fun way - join us every Wednesday at 4pm

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