середа, 24 червня 2020 р.

Social Media in our Life

On June, 23 Window on America Center for Future Leaders held an online meeting of English Speaking Club dedicated to "Social Media". Anna Reznik, the facilitator of this club's session prepared Conversation Cards where participants discussed different questions such as "What's your favorite thing about social media?", "What kind of information is in your profile?", "Do you think that what you see on social media is real or fake?" etc. We all agreed that people are addicted to different social media so we tried to find some good things about using them.

We also learned some of the most popular acronyms and slang words that are used in text messages.

 One of the fun activities we did was "Photo Captions" where our participants should have written the description to them. Thanks to American volunteers we could improve our English Speaking skills. 

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