четвер, 4 червня 2020 р.

Transportation in a Pandemic

On June 02, 2020 Window on America Center for future leaders held an online English Speaking Club dedicated to "Transportation 🚢✈️🚆🚖 in Pandemic time". We discussed different questions and found out if our participants’ habits have changed through the quarantine. Some of our visitors started to walk 🚶‍♀️a lot or ride their bikes 🚲. Then we had a “Debate” activity where we all were divided into two groups and said our arguments about advantages and disadvantages of using cars 🚘🚖. At the end we played a "Guessing" game where everyone got a card with the topic and then explained the meaning of 6 words in it. Thanks to our friends from the United States for helping us to improve our English. Join us next Tuesday on skype at 2 pm.

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