пʼятниця, 17 квітня 2020 р.

Quarantine is a time to learn English

“Traveling is a great way to learn English” - everyone agreed with this statement today during the online speakingclub which was held by Window on America Center for Future leaders Kherson. We started with questions and then we learned some travel idioms and tried to find their equivalents in our language.
Native speakers, Andrew Hunsaker and Connelly Molnar, who took part in that meeting too prepared very useful phrases such as “Pop the trunk”, “Traffic Jams”, “Pit stop”, “Are we there yet?” and many others. And at the end we played the taboo game which was fun because we all typed the words connected with traveling and then explained them. So after such meetings we would say that quarantine is a time to learn English. Don’t you agree? ;)

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