середа, 22 липня 2020 р.

Health and Wellness

Everybody is aware of a healthy lifestyle and what to do to be healthy 🍓🥦🥗🤸‍♂️. Yesterday Window on America Center for Future Leaders had an online session of English speaking club where we talked about Health and Wellness. We started with 'Talking cards' activity where visitors talked about: times they got hurt; a healthy lifestyle; their favorite way to exercise; the healthiest person in their family; and health problems they worry about. Then we revised some health vocabulary and tried to explain the meaning of unknown words. 

We also opened up the "6 Dimensions of Wellness" and discussed each type: Emotional, Environmental, Intellectual, Physycal, Social and Spiritual. 

Overall, we improved our english with native speakers🇺🇸 and had fun together!

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