понеділок, 31 травня 2021 р.

Let's meet summer

The last meeting of English Club this season was held at the Kherson Oblast Library for Children. Kids came to improve their English and revise the topics they’ve learned during the school year. With  the little ones we played "Jeopardy" and "Logical reasoning" games. And teens used their gadgets to work on the Kahoot Learning Platform". We also talked about summer and our favorite things about it. 

Also there was a Game Session meeting for the members of English Speaking Club. We met some visitors online (who currently lives in different cities) and in person. For that meeting we chose a speaking game called "This or That" where the participants had to choose one option they prefer and then explain why in 30 seconds ⏱. There were 2 options like dogs /cats; youtube /netflix ; phonecall / textmessage; music /podcast; apple / android; swimming /sunbathing etc. And at the end we played another fun game - "Spelling Bee".

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