вівторок, 10 грудня 2019 р.

Whatever the weather

There were 3 meetings of  English club at WOAFL Kherson today where more than 20 visitors came to learn English and have fun. With students we talked about the Healthy Lifestyle and the ways to be fit. We began with discussion and health proverbs. Then we learnt how to say about your health in English and how to give advices to people who aren't feeling good. With the kids we continued to learn the topic about the Weather🌞⛅☔❄⛄ and seasons. We listened to kid songs and played games. At the end the little ones drew the picture of their favorite season. With elder group we also discussed season questions and shared our likes and dislikes during that time. In order to remeber the names of all seasons and their months in English we played kahoot games.

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